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Proviron 25mg Purchase

Manufacturer: Bayer

Quantity: 25mg/20 pills

Active substance: Mesterolone


What is Proviron 25mg?

The medicine contains the drug mesterolone, which belongs to the group of male sex hormones (androgens). The drug compensates for the insufficient production of androgens, which gradually begins to decrease with age. Therefore, it is suitable for the treatment of all conditions caused by the insufficient natural production of androgens.

What is Proviron 25mg used for?

Decreased performance in middle and older age: elimination or improvement of conditions associated with proven androgen deficiency, such as decreased performance, mild fatigue, lack of concentration, impaired memory, libido and potency disorders, irritability, sleep disorders, depressed moods, and general autonomic nervous system disorders (part of the nervous system not controlled by the will).
Potency disorders: potency disorders based on androgen deficiency. It can also be given to support other treatment measures in cases where other factors are the cause of or contribute to the disorder itself.
Reduced gonadal activity: the drug stimulates the growth, development, and function of androgen-dependent organs, supports the development of male secondary sexual characteristics in cases of androgen deficiency before puberty. It removes the symptoms of androgen deficiency in cases of loss of gonadal function after puberty.
Infertility: the use of the medicine can improve or normalize the number and quality of sperm as well as the concentration of fructose in the ejaculate, thus increasing the chance of fertilization.

Proviron 25mg dosage:

Output and potency disorders decreased:
Original treatment: 3 times a day with 1 tablet. A dose reduction may be attempted after adequate clinical progress.

Continuation of treatment: twice or once a day with 1 tablet. According to the form and severity of the difficulties, the dose should be tailored to individual requirements. Continuous therapy is recommended for several months.

Hypogonadism: continuous treatment needed. 1-2 tablets are taken 3 times a day for several months for the development of secondary male sexual characteristics. 1 tablet 2-3 times a day is often appropriate as a maintenance dose.

Infertility (to increase the quality and quantity of sperm): 1 tablet 2-3 times daily in one spermatogenesis period, i. For 90 days. Treatment is repeated after a couple of weeks if necessary.

Proviron 25mg side effects:

This medication can cause side effects, like all drugs, but not everybody gets them.

If in particular cases, erections occur too frequently or persistently, the dosage should be decreased or care stopped to minimize harm to the penis.

In the event of post-pubertal Leydig cell insufficiency, a higher concentration of fructose in the ejaculate is achieved: 1 tablet twice a day for many months.


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