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Purchase Anadrol online

Manufacturer: Ferring pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 50mg/60 tablets

Active substance: Oxymetholone


What is Anadrol?

The chemical name for Oxymetholone is the common anabolic Anadrol steroid. Anadrol is also known as the A-Bomb, because it is one of the best steroids for bulking. It will assist you in fast time in building a huge muscle mass. It can be conveniently used and taken in the popularity stakes by mouth in the form of pills or tablets beside Dianabol and is considered thrice as Testosterone.

Oxymetholone advantages

#1: Very quick you’re going to get High!

#2: You’re going to get STRONG really!

#3: You’ve got more Power and STAMINA!

#4: Adding WEIGHT is amazing!

How does Anadrol works?

Oxy is commonly used to bulk up people. If you are frail and you have nothing to say about your muscles then a period of oxymetholon allows you to get astonishing muscle weight in a hurry. It’s just 8.5 hours in a short half-life. It works easily, and it has quick results. When you start taking this medicine, you will gain power and strength. But this will only happen if you look at what you eat, keep a high protein diet and exercise hard in the gym under a professional trainer’s eyes.
Oxymetholone Piling Up

When stacked with Testosterone Enanthate, oxyetholone works best for 12 weeks. For the first four weeks and just for the rest of eight weeks, you can take Oxymetholone.

How to take Anadrol

What amount you can take of Anadrol or Oxymetholone depends on what your health objectives are. You can first take 50 mg of anadrol a day for a four-week cycle if you are an inexperienced in bodybuilding.

But if you’ve never been a general beginner before then take just 25 mg Anadrol a day for a cycle of four weeks. In this case, the majority of oxymetholones are 50mg in size, so you have to divide each pill into two.

You will take 75mg to 100mg of Anadrol daily for a 4-week period if you are a beginner or advanced bodybuilder.


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