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Product: Primobolan Tablets
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 25 mg/tab
Pack: 50 tabs

Active substance: Methenolone acetate


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Uses and Definition of Primobolan Oral Tablets

Among bodybuilders and sportsmen, Primobolan oral has gained extremely appreciable popularity. The cause is its overloaded anabolic effects with certain peculiar characteristics such as estrogen opposing effects contributing to ripped muscle tone. 
With no fluid retention and fat deposition, it provides separate musculature. 
Primobolan oral receives a wide variety of opinions from bodybuilders and athletes without excess fat for its benefits of promoting muscle mass and body weight. It is assumed that Primobolan oral tablets provide lean muscle mass and branched muscle definition. It is a relatively costly medication since it is usually used for a limited period of time by bodybuilders. 
Primobolan is a master of the cutting cycle because even with a low-calorie diet, it provides mass preservation. It was initially intended as an effective supplement to improve immunity, especially in AIDS patients. It can dramatically enhance the response of the immune system and promote quicker processes of recovery.

Side Effects of Primobolan oral tablets

This medication has its own side effects, like many other steroids. In two instances, side effects may occur: the physiological peculiarities of a specific organism, indicating a specific drug reaction. The second case is entirely dependent on the athlete and overdose reduction can have the correct dosage. 

As for the side effects that can occur in symptoms, such as testosterone suppression. This consequence, however, can only occur if there is a major overdose and the course of treatment is prolonged.


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