Sustanon Organon 250mg


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Buy Sustanon Organon 250mg

Active substance:

Testosterone propionate
Testosterone phenylpropionate
Testosterone isocaproate
Testosterone decanoate


Sustanon 250 Organon Pakistan (250mg / ml) 1ml

Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Izokaproate, Testosterone Decanoate This drug is an artificial analog of the main male hormone testosterone, which is produced in the body, every man.
In the west, the use of this drug is very common elderly men, when the age of the person moves abroad for forty years, the level of the natural hormone is very low and tries to help the drug. The lack of the hormone is fully compensated and the new man feels a surge of strength, a high libido and increased physical activity in youth.
In bodybuilding, the drug is especially interesting, since it significantly accelerates protein synthesis, and the athlete thanks to this property begins to very quickly gain muscle mass. Many athletes would like to use the drug while drying, which really has a positive effect on reducing body fat in a short period of time and helps to maintain muscle mass from destruction.
Also used in power sports, the drug helps to recover faster after heavy, intense training, so the athlete begins to rapidly increase the training weight on the bar. Propionate is capable of being aromatized in the human body, since it can increase estrogen levels and gynecomastia be followed in order to avoid this, an additional anastrozole reception is recommended during the course of testosterone.
Testosterone is the most often used by athletes as a background for the drug and several other anabolic steroids have been added to it, this approach makes it possible to obtain a very good result. The drug can be used as a bridge between your main steroid courses, this approach allows you to maintain your muscle mass to dial in the stronger drugs and take you to the next course.
The drug greatly reduces endogenous testosterone production, so at the end of the course be sure to take your recovery.

Listed below are all the positive effects of using a drug for the athlete:
• – increased libido and improved potency
• – accelerates muscle growth
• – Increased appetite
• – increases resistance
• – Improve the body’s ability to recover
• – energy rates are increasing
• – increases self-confidence
Next, we will consider all the possible negative effects of the drug:
• – high blood pressure and rapid pulse
Headache •-
• – Reduction of endogenous testosterone levels
• – gynecomastia
• – acne rash

Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Izokaproate, Testosterone Decanoate:


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